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JUL 30

  posted by linda  thomas from United States on July 30, 2018 3:41 PM

I GAVE BENJAMIN DOUGLAS A CHANCE TO FAIL JUST LIKE OTHERS : BUT HE PROVED ME WRONG BY GRANTING ME A LOAN [email] Its really teeming with scammers on the internet, really not normal. In one week I lost $5,200 for payments. I had inquiries made at Dandy and it came just disappointed. I've been a victim of several loan company who scammed me until I finally found someone who was still honest Benjamin Douglas [] Frankly i thought it would go the same way just like those before him, I was a little hesitant and skeptical but considering the dwindling situation of my life in general, I had no other choice other than to go through with the loan with Benjamin and expecting him to fail; so I took the risk anyway and I was able to borrow from him $55,000 surprisingly. Therefore, I'm pleading and soliciting to you out there whom might probably be in a similar financial mess to do business with Benjamin Douglas or else risked been ripped off like those before Douglas did to me and run away with my hard earned money. Benjamin Douglas is the only one i trust because he gave me the loan i needed were others failed, do not contact anyone else other than Douglas because they might be scams whom pretend to be loan lenders they rip people of their hard earned money, the U.S. Attorney General are searching for this guys to penalize them for their evil act. so don't contact these guys and thereby promoting their nefarious vices in our society, they will only rip you off like they did to me. FOR YOUR SAFETY AND GOOD CONTACT BENJAMIN DOUGLAS on [email]

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JUL 24

  posted by Tyrone  Lemus from Austria on July 24, 2018 2:46 PM

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