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  posted by Lethabo  Siyabonga from South Africa on October 09, 2019 11:27 PM

Hi! I am Lethabo siyabonga from South Africa.I am the most happy man on earth right now all thanks to Dr Abdullahi mustapha for is herbal medicine. I was diagnosed of HIV 2years ago during this period life was taking out of me I was always on my pills day in day out I was so unhappy with the way I was always on my drugs. I was not really comfortable with the drugs anymore. I was on HIV research group one faithful day when I saw a testifier who testified on how he was cured from HIV by herbal medicine from dr Abdullahi mustapha. At first I was skeptical about it because I was wondering if herbal therapy can cure HIV. From the way the testifier testified I was encouraged and I had to give it a try so I contacted Dr Abdullahi mustapha through his mail. So he told me not to worry anymore I was like is this the end of my nightmare after which I sent him my home address and the price we agreed on. 4days later he sent it over to me with some guidelines on how I will be using the medications which I followed and I promised him if I get cured I am certainly going to testify about it to everyone everywhere. A week after using the medications I felt some changes in my body. Six weeks later after usage, I went for check up. To my first ever greatest surprise the doctor said I was negative I was speechless for few seconds not knowing what to say. I thought it was a dream but it was a reality. I thank God Almighty for using Dr. Abdullahi Mustapha to heal me. I am recommending him to you out there contact him via I love him for his honesty. I know you will be the next to testify.Today I am a happy man Thank you Dr. Abdullahi Mustapha Thank you.Dr abdullahai Mustapha also cure.ALS/MND,HSV 1-2,HBV/HSV,HPV/WART,CANCER,ROSACEA,DIABITIES.Dr abdullahai Mustapha is truly a Godsent.

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